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We are Pam & Andi with dog's Kalea & Malia (Short: Pandilea).

We are a Swiss-Crew who is travelling the world in a uniquely customized Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro Camper since 2014.


2014 was the year we left home towards Argentina where we started our 6-year Americas journey along the Panamerican Highway from Argentina to Alaska which we finished in 3 years.

At double that time we were still exploring the Americas before we finally left after 6 years exploring in total, countless HIGHLIGHTS included, and decided to get back home to Switzerland.


Back home we faced the challenge, after all those years in freedom, to acclimate back to "regular lifes" and also getting back into the system.

Well, long story short.😉


Being at home for 3 years has clearly showed us, this is not the life we want anymore, the change from "fully free" to "regular lifes" and back into the system was not easy. And being in it made us simply unhappy. We knew we needed to change that as fast as even possible and we literally did everything we possibly could to make that happen.

3 years after coming home from the Americas we were ready for "take-off" and we are literally ALL IN this time!!!🌎❤️👫🏻🐶🐶

In fact we left Switzerland for good in August 2023 to explore parts in Europe and Morocco, but we realized while doing this, it just didn't felt right for us. 

In early 2024, Pam and i have decided to follow our hearts and heading back to the Americas, this is where we simply belong, and our future lies!


We don't know where we will end up at this point, but we are beyond excited on exploring more on the Americas, and may finding our own Pandilea-Paradise somewhere along the way.

So for now, fasten your seat belts everybody and follow our adventure of a lifetime!

Love, Pandilea








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