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Pandilea's Overland-Service, created by us in 2017, is a personal and unique travel consulting service based on 20 years of travel experiences all around the world.


We are offering our detailed knowledge and exclusive contacts to everybody who is looking for professional assistance.

Besides love assisting with all subjects around travels, we specialized ourselves in "International Transport & Shipping" based on personal experiences with 3 shippings with our Volkswagen Syncro Camper as part of our 6-year Americas journey.


Additionally, we gained so much more detailed knowledge about the complete shipping process while working with our partner "ITS International Transport & Shipping" for many years now at Pandilea's Overland-Service.

Below you can see an overview on subjects we are able to assist you with, however as this list is not complete, best is to get in touch.😉

Love, Pandilea


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